Tenka Kumo Wearing a Suit

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I don’t even care how this happened

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If the boys were kings, they would not rule with an iron fist but
    Noah: An iron thumbs up to encourage and support
    Gansey: An iron hand with all fingers up to unify
    Adam: An iron pointer finger to guide and lead the way
    Ronan: An iron middle finger to get himself kicked off the throne
    (and Queen Blue would rule with an iron ring finger, connected to her heart by the vena amoris)
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It’s still too early to fall.

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"How’s my disguise?"


Lisa being a cutie

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Dress by chaamal

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キセキの世代 by nokcy(hachini)

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Blue, utterly aware of the truth of Gansey’s fate, felt ill. Aglionby boy or not, he was only her age, and he obviously had friends who cared for him and a life that involved a very orange car, and it was hideous to know he’d be dead in less than twelve months.

“Actually,” Gansey said, “I don’t care about that.”

Every pair of eyes in the room was on him as he stood the card on its end to study it.

"I mean, the cards are very interesting,” he said. He said the cards are very interesting like someone would say this is very interesting to a very strange sort of cake that they didn’t quite want to finish. “And I don’t want to discount what you do. But I didn’t really come here to have my future told to me. I’m quite okay with finding that out for myself.”

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Orefuro - Tatsumi & Wakasa

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This man is wearing lace embellished suspenders…….and is still HOT!

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"The Personnel Department must have collectively lost their minds."

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